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We offer a wide range of services - if you're not sure what you need, get in touch!

Land/Topographic Surveys

We have a wide range of experience carrying out small or large scale surveys ranging from farm developments to highway surveys, to new housing estates. We produce a high accuracy digital survey plans from which the architect / developer can be assured to use as a base model to produce their construction drawings accordingly.

Engineering Surveys

We have a number of staff who are highly experienced in setting out in heavy civils projects along the south coast over a period of decades. They all utilize modern Leica robotic equipment to maintain the highest tolerances for predominantly Tier 1 contractors on highways, ports, leisure and retail projects.

Survey Control Networks

We utilize Leica instrumentation of the highest order to implement accurate survey control networks throughout a project as means of an independent check for Principal contractors.

Volume Surveys

For this we Leica volumetric software to establish stockpile volumes , or for earthworks cut / fill volumes required on larger sites such as retail / industrial parks or housing estate sites.

DSC07551 (3).JPG

Monitoring Surveys

Again we utilize High precision Leica Survey instrumentation to establish a base readings of suitable monitoring points to satisfy the element to be monitored, either for deformation and subsidence, or both, then repeatability surveys at the clients time period request.

As-Built Surveys

Whether it is a new housing estate or an industrial concrete floor slab , poured to a high specification we can produce as built floor plans to establish conformity to the required datum value for Either the sub contractor or principal contractor alike.

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